The start of a new blogging journey

Posted on August 8th, 2014

In 2011 I started Bearded Brothers with my brother-in-law, Chris. Since then the company has grown tremendously and our bars have been to some pretty amazing places, including Stok La Pass,15,500 ft. in the Himalayas.

It has been a long time since I have blogged here, and a lot has happened since I was actively blogging. I got married, moved from Denton to Austin, had a couple  of children, took up up ultra running, all while starting and running a business. The past four years of my life have been quite the amazing journey.

I have been doing a bit of blogging over at my personal blog, which is mostly business focused, but I have had this aching desire to return to blogging here. This new chapter in my life has given me lots of new information to share, such as how to train for an Ultra Marathon while still giving your family the time they deserve, and how to camp with young kids and infants. My wife will chime in with the occasional blog post as well.

Moving from being a single male, outdoor enthusiast to a married business owner of two kids has caused a pretty big shift in the way I view outdoor activity. Gone are the days of climbing three days a week, establishing new routes, running 4-5 days per week, and eating whatever I want, whenever I want. But, I would venture to say things have changed for the better.

Rather than focus on becoming a hard climber or fast marathon runner I get to teach and inspire my kids about the things I love as well: and do so alongside my beautiful wife. I hope that our life will be an inspiration to many. I feel some people view children as the killer of all things fun and that used to be, but that is not the case. You just have to shift your focus on how you view life a bit.

I really hope I will be able to provide you some practical tips that help you get outdoors and do the things you love, AND teach your children about them in the process.


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